Don't Overpay to Cool Your Home

Don't Overpay to Cool Your Home

Choose us to install a solar attic fan in Yakima, WA

A solar attic fan can improve your home's energy efficiency. By removing excess heat, this appliance will help you save money on cooling your home. Trust AllCities Solar and Electric Company in Yakima, WA for installation. Our licensed electricians will ensure that your fan is working correctly from day one.

Call us today at 509-248-2530 if you have any questions about the installation process.

3 ways a solar fan can protect your attic

While a solar attic fan can save you money, it can also benefit your roof and attic. This appliance will:

1.Remove moisture from the attic during the winter
2.Extend roof life by up to 10%
3.Keep your attic from getting too hot

When you install an attic fan, you'll immediately reduce your risk of needing repairs on your roof or needing mold treatment in your attic. Visit our storefront today to learn more about improving your energy efficiency.

We'll give you the power you need

We offer high-quality systems like the Radian Series Grid/Hybrid Inverter/Charger. They're easy to use, easy to install and powerful.

We will provide all of the off-grid energy and solar energy solutions that you need. You can count on AllCities Solar and Electric Company because:

  • We're committed to providing energy solutions
  • We have close to 40 years of experience
  • We provide the latest green energy developments

To learn more about our service, call 509-248-2530 today. We'll be happy to answer your questions and talk about your energy needs.