Residential Solar Panels & Solar Panel Installation

From AllCities Solar and Electric Company, Preferred Solar Energy Contractor in Washington

Installing solar energy panels at your home is a smart decision if you want to reduce energy costs. AllCities Solar and Electric Company will meet with you to analyze your current energy usage. Then we'll design a system that reduces your energy consumption and meets your needs.

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4 reasons to switch to solar now

There's no time like the present. Hire AllCities Solar and Electric Company to install your solar panels today, and you'll enjoy many benefits. If you wait, you'll miss out on these great incentives:


The cost of solar energy has decreased dramatically over the past five years, which means you can find an option that works with your budget.


The new state incentive production payment rate is higher for customers who buy now.


This higher rate is locked in for eight years, which can cover up to 50% of the gross system cost.


Switch today and you'll receive a 30% federal tax credit.

All these incentives can pay for as much as 80% of your overall system costs. We'll calculate this for you so you know what to expect.

Make a difference in your home and in our world right now. Schedule a residential solar panel installation in Yakima, Tri-Cities, and the surrounding central Washington area today.