Not only does traditional energy cost more than solar, it also contributes to harmful air pollutants. AllCities Solar and Electric Company installs energy management systems to improve the energy-efficiency and cleanliness of your property.

This system will eliminate the harmful electromagnetic fields surrounding your building so you can live or work in a better environment. Call now to get a quote on an energy management system installation in Yakima, Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco, Washington.

Make your property safer and greener

Whether you’re using a solar or traditional energy system, you need to make sure it can safely power your property. AllCities Solar and Electric Company can upgrade your electrical system to reduce the risk of electrical-related injuries. As a perk to being a customer of AllCities Solar and Electric Company, we will upgrade your electrical system so it can safely support your devices.  and reduce the risk of electrical-related injuries. 

If you want us to install a solar energy system such as Residential Solar PanelsCommercial Solar PanelsSolar Hot Water Heater, we can upgrade your electrical panel so it will support the new addition. Schedule your consultation with us today.