Off-Grid/Grid-Tied with Battery Backup Systems

The Radian Series Grid/Hybridâ„¢ (full-flexibility grid-interactive/off-grid) Inverter/Charger is engineered toward one goal: making system design and installation easier and faster in grid-interactive and comprehensive off-grid applications.

  • Grid-interactive and stand-alone capability in the same package
  • Unsurpassed surge capacity
  • Dual AC inputs
  • Integrated generator management system
  • Easy field upgradeability and stacking capability for large system scaling
  • Supports leading-edge battery technologies such as Lithium-Ion and others
  • Field serviceable modular design

Backed by a 2-year limited warranty

Price varies based on customized solution needed to fit individual client requirements.

Ready to Go Off the Grid?

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When you live off of the electrical grid, you find that electrical services are trickier to find. AllCities Solar and Electric Company is prepared to work with you. We offer off-grid systems in Yakima, Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco, Washington.

Our off-grid systems are excellent solutions for people who are living off-the-grid, reducing their environmental footprint and exploring solar energy options. Call us today to learn about our off-grid systems.

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We offer high-quality systems like the Radian Series Grid/Hybrid Inverter/Charger. They're easy to use, easy to install and powerful.

We will provide all of the off-grid energy and solar energy solutions that you need. You can count on AllCities Solar and Electric Company because:

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