Take Charge of Your Electricity Usage

Take Charge of Your Electricity Usage

Get a home energy monitoring system in Yakima, Richland, Kennewick & Pasco, WA

A home energy monitoring system will make you aware of the ways that you're using excessive energy. A licensed electrician from AllCities Solar and Electric Company in Yakima, Richland, Kennewick & Pasco, WA can install a system in your home at a reasonable price. The associated app makes energy monitoring easy. You'll have 24/7 access to all the information you need regarding your electrical appliances.

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Learn the benefits of energy monitoring

Energy monitoring is a great way to stay ahead of repairs and avoid other electrical issues. Your home energy monitoring system will:

  • Inform you if you left an appliance running
  • Let you know if an appliance is using an unusual amount of power
  • Help you find ways to save money on your electrical bill

This device will give you peace of mind about your energy use. Visit us today for more information on this system.

We'll give you the power you need

We offer high-quality systems like the Radian Series Grid/Hybrid Inverter/Charger. They're easy to use, easy to install and powerful.

We will provide all of the off-grid energy and solar energy solutions that you need. You can count on AllCities Solar and Electric Company because:

  • We're committed to providing energy solutions
  • We have close to 40 years of experience
  • We provide the latest green energy developments

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