Backup Power Solutions that are ready when you need it

Backup Power Solutions that are ready when you need it

Professionally Installed by a licensed electrician at the electrical panel in Yakima, Richland, Kennewick & Pasco, WA

HUMLESS Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Humless Universal is one of the most advanced intelligent Energy
Storage Systems (ESS) available on the market today. The Humless Universal Power System utilizes the same technology found in full commercial mini-grid systems to create
a smart and highly versatile ESS. Some of it's features include:

  • Stackable & parallelable capacities
  • Multiple storage options on same device
  • Full generator management system
  • Real-time weather algorithm to optimize your
  • storage capacity
  • Variable sell back capacity for PV and
  • battery storage
  • Load shifting & time of use control
  • PV self-consumption
  • Intelligent & dynamic load
  • management on multiple outputs

Backed by a 5-Year Component / 10 Year Battery Warranty

6.5 kWh - $8,995 + tax and installation
10 kWh - $20,150 + tax and installation
20 kWh - $33,000 + tax and installation
30 kWh - $43,750 * tax and installation


Champion Home-Stand-By Generators

Champion Home-Stand-By Generators

Professionally installed by a Licensed Electrician. Home Standby Generators provide peace of mind when the power goes out.

  • Generator starts automatically when the power goes out and returns to standby when power is restored
  • Quitest-in-Class operates at a residential friendly 63dba level
  • Generator performs automatic weekly self-diagnostic tests
  • Connects to your propane or natural gas system, no¬†refueling required
  • An all-weather, composite mounting pad, plus steel enclosure protects your generator from the elements

Backed by a 10-year limited warranty

8.5 kW with 50A ATS - $3,619 +tax (price includes installation)
12.5 kW with 100A ATS - $4,472 + tax (price includes installation)
14 kW with 200A ATS - $5,799 + tax (price includes installation)