Why should I go solar?

Whether your goal is to save money, make your home energy efficient, or reduce your carbon footprint, there are many reasons why going solar is a smart decision for your home and your wallet. Here are some huge pros to consider:


If you pay income tax, whether you are a home or business owner your government will pay 26% of the total cost of your system.


Combine this with no sales tax and that equates to approximately 35% of the total cost of your system.


If you take into consideration the average utility rate increase each year is about 5.5%, within the next seven years your utility rate will be 38.5% higher than it is today.


When you finance with us there is no money down and very low interest rate. Let us help you find the best loan option that fits your needs.


You have nothing to lose with our free in home evaluation, it will give you a well detailed explanation of everything to expect from financing to installation. By the end of the evaluation, you will understand that we only use the very best solar products coupled with the very best warranties. We are committed to making this experience for you to be worry and hassle free.